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ivy rich (@isabel.b.peters@gmail.com)
Date:5/16/2016 5:11:53 AM
Subject:Aspen Institute, Utah
 Is there anyone here who went to Aspen Institute in Syracuse Utah? Please contact me. Sincerely
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Lisi L. Lokey (Lisilokey@gmail.com )
Date:5/12/2016 1:25:54 AM
Subject:Teen Challenge of Texas, victim
 I was in Teen Challenge of Texas San Antonio for 16 months in a supposedly one year program. I was treated horribly, verbally, emotionally and physically abused. I've been out of there for almost three years and I still have nightmares and psychological issues because of that place. What can I do? Has anyone else suffered at the hands of these charlatans? Please,I need help.
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Be aware!!!!! (Dontworry536@yahoo.com)
Date:3/11/2016 10:41:33 PM
Subject:Red Rock Canyon School-UT
 Angela Aguado is still an employee there and STILL verbally abusive to most kids there I know because I just quit working there! She is such a poor example to those girls and honestly I feel bad for them. She comes in sweats and reeks of alcohol every time she came on the unit it was horrible. All she does is yell, curse and make her own schedule. She's almost as immature as the students on her unit. She should not be able to work with children whatsoever!! But being that Red Rock is so desperate for staff they continue to keep her. (Which is so sad) She's no positive role model!!
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Deanna (Dfong123@gmail.com)
Date:3/6/2016 10:56:20 PM
Subject:Red Rock Canyon School - Utah
 Our son was diagnosed with depression and ODD. After going over the website of Red Rock Canyon School, on October 1, 2016, we sent our son there thinking that this place would be a great place for him to get help. We made a horrible mistake, on February 15, 2016, 4 1/2 months later, we picked our son up from a hospital room, where he had just undergone 3 hours of surgery. The staff had broken his humerus bone in three places. He will wear a plate and thirteen screws in his arm for the rest of his life. At this point we still don't know how much permanent physical and emotional damage he has sustained. A staff member said that the staff over reacted and that the surveillance video was hard to watch. He also added that the whole incident took less than 30 seconds. He said that a video would be available to us by the end of that day. It is now March 6, 2016 and we have gotten nothing but excuses as to why the video is not ready. Unfortunately, it is now our understanding that our son was not the first child to sustain a broken limb nor the last. Two days after picking up our son we were told that staff broke another child's arm.
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Concerned (jerzigirl9612@aol.com)
Date:1/17/2016 5:47:16 AM
Subject:Bancroft Residential for the disabled in Haddonfield NJ
 My son is Autistic and non-verbal and attended Bancroft for stabilization due to his disability. During his short stay there of 5 months he endured numerous injuries that couldn't be explained on how they occurred. This Facility is not what it was said to be! I removed my son after his last injury which was the most serious of all. If you have a disabled child and are desperate for help...do your research! NEVER PLACE THEM AT BANCROFT!!! You will be hurting them instead of helping them.
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