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Hero (snowtundrahero@tutanota.com)
Date:6/3/2017 6:31:25 PM
Subject:QA Associates-Anyone been there?
 Q&A Associates staff were disrespectful and threatening towards the kids. Theyre frauds and liars. They advertise as a safe therapeutic place. Theres forced labor, monitoring phone calls, and abuse. Very negligent neglectful too. They are still advertising as a place to help teens and young adults with mental illnesses. It is not safe. Dont believe the lies that its safe, these guys infiltrate and are like leeches and parasites in that west virginia town community. They try to act like theyre the town, its very disturbing.
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Maddie (emezdee@gmail.com)
Date:1/20/2017 8:07:43 PM
Subject:Evangel House Christian Academy and other Louisiana Facilities
 I am a survivor of Evangel House Christian Academy in St. Martinville, LA. I'm looking for other victims of this fraudulent and abusive program to speak to. We didn't deserve what they did to us, what they told us about ourselves and our families. They lied to our families, to us, they brainwashed us all and turned our loved ones against us. Not to mention trying to turn us against each other. Please, if anyone knows anything about Mark D. Barrentine or any of the other facilities he's been the director of (Teen Challenge of Acadiana, Evangeline House) please please contact me. We needed help, not their sick fix-ER-up program to turn you into a scared follower of their faith and their free workers. We needed to be heard then and we have to be heard now. Evangelical Mark Barrentine Louisiana Teen Challenge St. Martinville
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Angela Smith (angela@heal-online.org)
Date:12/12/2016 1:42:29 PM
 Deleted at request of author.
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Ani Sanchez (Fernandez) (wifeyf4lifey@gmail.com) (wifeyf4lifey@gmail.com)
Date:9/2/2016 8:11:45 PM
 My name is Ani Sanchez, 27. Julian Youth Academy 2004-2007 they're trying to keep us quiet. Please help 559 304 5408 fresno, ca
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Shana Marie (marieshana4@gmail.com)
Date:9/1/2016 6:13:55 PM
Subject:Victory and Genesis
 Hi! I'm doing research to help myself sort through and deal with all my trauma issues. If anyone has, or knows of someone that may have, info about the original Victory in Ramona, Ca, Victory/Lighthouse in Jay, Fl or Genesis by the Sea in Baja, Mexico please contact me. Any info regarding it's owners or staff is also very much appreciated. Thanks!
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