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Jeanette Garcia (Jeanetteellen59@gmail.com)
Date:5/24/2017 9:09:24 AM
Subject:Residential centers for troubled teens

I have a 13 year old son with many control challenges. We live in one state %26 through my sons IEP we are being offered help in other states. This would place my child far away from me. I would have no way of going to see him. I have heard many horror stories about locked facilities. My question is how well are these children treated in these facilities %26 how would I know my child is safe there? My home state does not offer the level of help that he currently needs due to his violent %26 sexualized behaviors. However, I do not want my child someplace that may abuse or not treat him with human decency. Please reply with any %26 all comments on Utah locked facilities. All I have read so far are they are really great or they are really abusive. I am a terrified parent who desperately wants her loving son back.

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mbh (mbh60614@gmail.com)
Date:5/15/2017 1:40:41 PM
Subject:Viewpoint Center

Looking for any impressions of this facility. Our DS is there now and we are confused by a few things that he now tells us. Thank you

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M.E. Stix (mnagsh@aol.com)
Date:4/30/2016 8:22:10 PM
Subject:Regretting sending our son to CEDU

We were at a loss and desperate for help on how we could resolve the issues we had with our son. He was very angry with us and we tried various avenues to relieve the tension and turmoil in the home but nothing seemed to work. Therapy, medication, none of these standard recommendations resolved our issues. In a state of hopelessness the therapist our son was seeing recommended a school and college advisor in Greenwich CT. This person, after meeting with us a few times, highly recommended that we send our son to a Wilderness Program in Idaho and then to the CEDU school. She raved about the success stories that the school had with defiant children. We naively took her advise, thinking that she had experience with situations such as ours. The bottom line was we were "Marketed". We were taken advantage of at a time when our family was most vulnerable. We were hurting and urgently needed help. And the school and college advisor charged us large sums of money for a quick answer which caused long term damage to my son and our relationship with him.
During the year and half that he was there, before the school closed down, he called us several times and told us about horrible things that went on there, physical and mental abuse, and we regretfully didn't take action to remove him from the school.
The staff told us several times that the kids in the school make up things to get their parents to take them out of the school. Again, we naively took advise from untrained individuals who were only looking our for there own job safety and not the welfare of vulnerable children.
We entrusted our child to these people in hopes that they would help us and they caused irreparable damage to my son and our family.

My hope is that our story will discourage other parents from taking the emotional growth school and wilderness program route. In the long run it is damaging and harmful to your child's wellbeing and your relationship with him or her.

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Susan (Keyboardsusan@gmail.com)
Date:1/26/2016 4:23:46 PM
Subject:Help For My Daughter

My daughter recently checked into The Circle Of Hope Girl Ranch in MO. I have found out this is not a good place for my daughter and need some help and legal help getting her out of there. And I wasn't the one who brought her there, her father did. And he's the reason why she is having these behaviour issues. I'm only a 8 hour drive from this ranch. I don't know what to do is my concern. I'm just worried about her safety.

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Taylor (@tayynicolexo@gmail.com)
Date:2/3/2014 1:23:39 AM
Subject:Vista RTC in Magna Utah-any stories or reviews? HELP

Currently have a loved one enrolled in Vista RTC.. is this a dangerous program? Has anyone have their child or someone they've known sent here? Please share any help or stories THANK YOU

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